The Hague

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The Hague day trip

Day trips from Amsterdam

The city

Who does not want peace? The Hague, the city without city walls, known as open and welcoming, is also named the city of peace.

The Hague is the seat of the government in the Netherlands. It houses the Cabinet, the States General, the Council of State and the Supreme Court. Most foreign embassies and 160 international organizations are located in the city including the International Court of Justice, located in the Peace Palace (Dutch: Vredespaleis) and the International Criminal Court. The Hague is one of the major cities hosting United Nations institutions along with New York City, Geneva, Vienna, Nairobi and Rome. The Hague is largely known as the home of international law and arbitration.

It’s also the hometown of the royal family. The king and queen live at palace Huis Ten Bosch and work in palace Noordeinde.

The town was founded by the last Counts of Holland in the 13th century. They purchased a court in the area and turned it into a castle the socalled Binnenhof (Inner Court) Inside this new court they build a Knights Hall (dutch: Ridderzaal) which is now the political heart of the country.

Amsterdam to The Hague

how to get there?
Amsterdam to The Hague by train

You travel from Amsterdam to The Hague by train from Amsterdam Central Station. It takes about 50 minutes. The Hague has 2 train stations, The Hague Central station is close to the city center. About every 20 minutes a train departs from Amsterdam. 

An inside view of the The Hague railway station, taken from the escalator

The Hague Central station

Parking in The Hague

By car in takes about 40 minutes. To park your car in The Hague on the streets in the historic city centre, cost more than 2,70 euro per hour.

For a full day trip in The Hague we suggest to choose for day trip parking at interparking (easy reservation in advance, cheap and in the city centre). You can also park at the following parking lots; Markthof or Wijnhaven, you’ll find them on the edge of the city centre.

Day trips from Amsterdam by car. 4 routes to inspire you!

The Hague Maps

See how to get there
A touristic city map of The Hague, with the highlights of the city

City map of The Hague, download the image on your device and you can zoom in.


If you’re not familiar with route discription in google maps, than click the button for guidence. A new window will open.

For information about transport tickets, visit our public transport page.

A good alternative for up to date timetables for all type of public transport is this website: 9292 OV.


Things to do in The Hague

Activities in the city

There’s a lot of things to do and see in The Hague. The city combines old and new. Many aristocratic and highborn families lived and live here since ages. You may call The Hague chic and spiffy. You’ll find the medieval prison gate, the old tower, the many courtyards, canals, palaces are accompanied by modern architecture, such as the Haagse toren (The Hague Tower) and the elegant shopping mall. The famous 19 th century beach resort Scheveningen forms a second cultural center of The Hague. It has its own musical center (Circus Theater), miniature park Madurodam and a Sea life Center You can visit Scheveningen beach by The Hague Public Transport.

Say Peace and discover this open minded city. Visit The Hague.

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