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What to do around Amsterdam? See our list of sea side towns close to Amsterdam!

Beaches near Amsterdam

The coastal side

On the coastal side in the southwest, the west and the north of the Netherlands you can visit splendid sand beaches. All white and wide and some of them even huge. They offer unlimited opportunities for those who like watersport, nature lovers and beach fans in general.

Behind these beaches you will find magnificent dune areas inviting you for a stroll or a bicycle tour.

We’ve selected some seaside towns relatively nearby Amsterdam and we would like to introduce them to you. Have a great time there and watch the sunset at the end of the day with a good glass and meal on one of the beach terraces.

Map for beaches near Amsterdam

See how to get there

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Scheveningen beach

region The Hague
How to get there?

From Amsterdam Central Station you can take the train to The Hague Central Station. From there a city bus takes you to Scheveningen in 25 minutes. You can also hire a car and combine the beach with a visit to The Hague.

If you try to pronounce it you might find it difficult. In World War II it was a famous password for the resistance to recognize native Dutch speakers and discover Germans.

Scheveningen beach or Den Haag beach is a rather luxurious beach resort, situated at the The Hague seaside. It is very well known and popular in the Netherlands and there’s a lot to do and see. In former days it was a secluded coastal village but today it’s a sparkling outskirt of The Hague. The big boulevard and the beach pier called The Pier of Scheveningen are landmarks here. The beaches of Scheveningen are regular selected for the so called Blue Flag Environmental Award. This is a prestigious price for its excellent sea water and clean beaches. Next to beach restaurants you’ll find nice shops and cafes. The world famous Kurhaus and The Hague beach Stadium, a sports palace, are situated here. The impressive Kurhaus was built in the late 19th century as a bathhouse. Very soon it became a health resort, a Grand Hotel and event center in one. The famous and rich came to visit from all over the world.

In Scheveningen you can enjoy culture or lounge and play on the beach. You can go out shopping or dine in one of the many restaurants. There are events, beach parties, markets and festivals all year through.

It’s traditional for the Dutch to have a swim in the sea on early New Year’s Day.     

Bloemendaal aan zee

region Haarlem
How to get there?

From Amsterdam Central Station you can take a train to Haarlem. From there a bus will bring you to Bloemendaal in 15 minutes. You can also hire a car and combine the beach for instance with a visit to Haarlem.

Bloemendaal is a more widely known beach village in the Netherlands. It’s popular for its beautiful beaches and nature and also for its beach bars. You can choose and pick your own specific beach for each beach has a different recreational function.

Between kilometer marker 62.75 and 62.00 there are 7 beach pavilions and luxury and comfort are highly valued here. It’s a lovely place to lie on a sun bed. For partygoers this is the place to be. In the beach bars parties and dance events are organized. Bloomingdale is widely known place.

Between marker 62.00 and 61.00 the sport beach is situated. There is sailing club and a watersport center. You can play golf or go kite surfing. Play volley ball, badminton, kite flying and all kind of games.   

Between marker 61.00 and 60.25 you’ll find the family beach. There is a nice pavilion here which is open all year. Because of the children there’s a rescue brigade so you can relax while the kids go their own way.

Between marker 60.25 and 58.50 there is the calm and peaceful beach. This part borders the National Park Zuid Kennemerland a fabulous nature area. It is an empty beach where nature is pure and which can’t be reached by car. You’ll find no facilities and you’re on your own here with only the elements. Here you can find the nude beach.

Zandvoort/Amsterdam beach

region Haarlem
How to get there?

From Amsterdam Central Station you can take a train directly to Zandvoort in 30 minutes. It’s only a very short walk from the train station to the seaside promenade and the beach. If you go there by car, please leave early for in high season it can be very busy on the road.

Zandvoort is a vibrant seaside town. It borders The National Park Zuid Kennemerland. In former centuries the locals made a living in the fishing industry. This is the reason for the three herrings in its coat of arms.

Zandvoort is also known for its racing circuit. Most probably there will be new formula 1 races on this historic circuit in the coming years. In the village you come across various shops, cafes and restaurants.

Some call the beach here the Amsterdam Beach, for it is the closest beach to Amsterdam. On the beach there are all kind of watersports activities like kite surfing and stand-up paddle boarding. You can also play golf here. On Zandvoort beach many beach restaurants and bars are located. Most part of the year they’re open. On the promenade you’ll find some fish stands or a snack bar.

It’s also a good spot for nature lovers. You can walk for hours by the sea and listen to the sea gulls and the surf. Or you can visit the dune reserve.

In the 19th century the famous Austrian Empress Elisabeth, better known as Sissi, came to visit here for health reasons and rest. Soon after her stay, Zandvoort became a popular health resort.


region Haarlem
How to get there?

From Amsterdam Central Station you can take a train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk. From there a bus will take you to the beach in 45 minutes. We advise you to hire a car and combine the beach with for instance the dune reserve.

IJmuiden is an industrial and busy sea harbor. The offshore industry expands and IJmuiden also is the largest fishing port in the Netherlands. The fish auction, where fish is still traded is the second largest in the country.

There are many fishing boats in the port and there are some shipyards in the marina for the smaller yachts.  The ferry to Newcastle leaves from the harbour.

At IJmuiden the North Sea and the North Sea Canal, which leads to Amsterdam and the hinterland, are connected by a large sea docks complex. Enormous vessels pass through. There are sea-going tugs all over the place. It’s very interesting to watch all the activity in- and around the water. Have a nice walk on the pier.

On the huge beach are many water sport activities and of course you can relax in the sun. It’s not far from the harbour.  There are two nature reserves in the neighbourhood and there is also a tiny island that used to be part of a historical defence line.

Wijk aan zee

How to get there?

From Amsterdam Central Station you can take a train to Beverwijk. From there a bus will take you to the village in 10 minutes. We advise you to hire a car and combine the beach with for instance the dune reserve.

Hidden between the dunes and forests lies the best kept secret of the Dutch North Sea coast. It’s the   sea village Wijk aan Zee. She lies dormant as it were and time seems to stand still. This little place is a unique example of a typical Dutch coastal village. You’ll find here characteristic white houses built in the late 19th century in the style of the so called Delft School. The village borders the North Holland Dune Reserve which is a large nature area at the coast.

The beach of Wijk aan Zee is a perfect spot for wind- and water sportsmen due to the currents caused by the North Pier. This Pier has a length of 2.2 kilometers.  There’s a surf center and three beach pavilions and the place is relatively much more peaceful then elsewhere. Never the less there’s a lot to do and see for everyone. You can take a water taxi to the town of Ijmuiden if you like.  

Egmond aan zee

regio Alkmaar
How to get there?

From Amsterdam Central Station you can take a train to Alkmaar Station. From there a bus takes you to Egmond aan Zee in 20 minutes. We advise you to hire a car and combine the beach with a visit to Alkmaar.

Egmond aan Zee was founded in the early middle ages as a small fishing village. Nowadays it’s a little seaside resort situated at the coast with a long beach an in the middle of the dunes.

After World War II lots of underfed children from all over The Netherlands came to visit and to recuperate in seawind and fresh air. 

The village center has nice shops and boutiques, restaurants and terraces and they are open all year round.

Relax in the vast dune area or have a long beach walk and enjoy the sea  view.

In the village you will find an old fisherman’s house from 1720, the lighthouse of 1841 and the statue of Jaepie Jaepie, an Egmond lifesaver in times of distress!

Don’t forget the Miffy monument, because it was here that Dick Bruna, the world famous graphical designer and Miffy’s creator, drew his first Miffy on the beach.

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