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Day trip to Alkmaar

Day trips from Amsterdam

The city

The city of Alkmaar dates from the 10th century. The town was surrounded by lakes and swamps. 

It is because of this that Alkmaar city was able to charge tax for the transit of goods and as such became an important trading centre. The city flourished from salt works, beer breweries, flax spinning mills and lime kilns. From 1525 on the fortification of the city was started, to keep enemies out.

In this respect we mention “Alkmaar’s victory”, because it was the first city in the low countries that resisted a Spanish siege in 1573 during The Eighty Years War. On October 8th it is still celebrated with a morning and afternoon procession, traditional costumes, sauerkraut, beer and laser shows.

Amsterdam to Alkmaar

How to get there?
Amsterdam to Alkmaar by train

Amsterdam Alkmaar is easy by train directly from Amsterdam Central Station. It takes about 40 minutes from  with the intercity train to Alkmaar train station and cost 8 euro. (If you want to know more about how to purchase a pulic transport ticket and time tables, than click here.)

A picture of the entrance of the trainstation in Alkmaar

Alkmaar train station

Parking in Alkmaar

Parking your car in Alkmaar on the streets in the historic city centre, cost more than 2,70 euro per hour. There are limited spots in the centre, which makes it sometimes difficult to find a spot. Better is to park in a parking lot, this will save you more than 70 cent per hour. If you do so, we suggest you park in one of these: Karperton, Schelphoek or de Vest. These lie in the historic centre of the city.

Day trips from Amsterdam by car. 4 routes to inspire you!

Alkmaar maps

See how to get there
A touristic city map of Alkmaar with the highlights of Alkmaar

City map of Alkmaar, download the image on your device and you can zoom in.

If you’re not familiar with route discription in google maps, than click the button for guidence. A new window will open.

For information about transport tickets, visit our public transport page.

A good alternative for up to date timetables for all type of public transport is this website: 9292 OV.


Things to do in Alkmaar

Activities in the city

Lots to see in Alkmaar city. De Molen van Piet (Peter’s Mill), a windmill from 1797, the 16th century fish market, the old town hall, the old centre and the canals.

Say Cheese in Alkmaar, because it has the largest cheese market in the Netherlands. During the summer you can also visit the Alkmaar cheese market in the evening at certain times Visit the Alkmaar cheese museum. In and around Alkmaar you will also find many windmills. Looking for real Dutch clogs? Buy them here.  Shopping in Alkmaar is nice all together by the way.

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