Routes by car

Day trips from Amsterdam by car. 4 routes to inspire you!

Routes by car near Amsterdam

Discover villages, nature, the countryside and castles near Amsterdam

Outside Amsterdam designed four road trips for you. They’re a mixture of nature, countryside, castles and culture. You pass historical Dutch villages for a nice break.

  • If you want to discover the countryside around and near Amsterdam we suggest the Waterland route and the Green hart route.
  • For castles around and near Amsterdam we suggest our castle routes. We inform you about 11 Dutch castles.

The highway connections are great wich makes them easy to reach by car. The startingpoints are close to Amsterdam and approximately 50 kilometers long. 

Polder landscape near Broek in Waterland. Blue sky, sheep in the medow

Waterland route

This Route of 50 kilometers leads you through a wetland area beneath sea- level and protected by dikes. It takes you to old fishing villages, along winding dike roads, endless grasslands, ponds and brooks with charming little bridges. Grazing cows and dairy farms dominate the scenery. Behind the dikes you’ll find little fens due to […]
This route leads you through traditional Dutch polder land. Mills, dikes and farm roads with wood quays and reed beds mark the landscape.

Green heart route

The Green Heart (Dutch: Het Groene Hart) is a relatively thinly populated area in the middle of the country. The major Dutch cities lie around it. The green heart is characterized by its rural scenery which contrasts the urban areas around it. Agriculture, nature and recreation are the primary activities here. Mills, dikes and Dutch […]
Driving through the beautiful landscape, it brings you to small towns and castles

Castle route south

Driving in the beautiful countryside It takes you to castles and small towns. Since the very beginning of history the charming river The Vecht determines the landscape in this area. You’ll see pasture, heath, fenland marshes and woodlands. In between the cows in the fields, waterfowls and woodland birds find their way of living. In […]
This picture is made in Muiden, at the border of the city where the former Zuiderzee used to be

Castle route north

It leads you through a beautiful area with little lakes, ponds and fens and along the romantic river The Vecht. The land consists of pasture, orchards, heath and woodlands. You’ll also find fenland marshes. There are many castles here. Beautiful fortified villages like Muiden and Weesp and castle villages like Loenen aan de Vecht arose […]

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