This map shows you the interesting place we mention which are in a range of one our travelling distance from Amsterdam Central Station
Edam has its own cheese weigh house, where the cheese market is held and the weekly goods market


Edam is famous for its cheese. And as tiny and round these cheese are likewise is the little port town that produces them. It received its city rights in 1357. An old sea lock connects it to the Marker Lake. During high season you can […]
In the historic center of Monnickendam is the inner harbor, where a few ships are docked


It was founded by monks in 1230. It’s an old fishing town with many eel smokehouses. The so called Monnickerdammer fishing days are still celebrated. Basket makers, net menders, wooden shoe makers and traditional fish smokers are quite willing to show their craftsmanship. In this […]
There is a nice atmosphere on the dike in Volendam


Volendam is an old fishing village. In the harbor you find old Dutch vessels and on the dike there are wooden houses. It used to be a closed community with its own traditional costume. From the dike you have a nice view on the Marker […]
Broekerhuis museum is a house where you can see how people lived in these houses

Broek in Waterland

Merchants, sea captains and other well to do people owned here their so called outposts in the 16th century. Compared to crowded Amsterdam this village was clean and healthy. And it still is. Hire a sloop to discover this charming village.
Polder landscape near Broek in Waterland. Blue sky, sheep in the medow

Waterland route

This Route of 50 kilometers leads you through a wetland area beneath sea- level and protected by dikes. It takes you to old fishing villages, along winding dike roads, endless grasslands, ponds and brooks with charming little bridges. Grazing cows and dairy farms dominate the […]
Marken has a harbor where you can lie with your pleasure boat. On a day like this it is wonderful to stay in the harbor


This island village used to be a very closed community with its own specific culture and now it has revealed itself to the public. Many wooden houses here which you can visit. A genuine fishermen village. The lighthouse on the island is a highlight.
You 'll never get bored in Waterland

Out in Waterland region

A drawn map of the Waterland Region

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