This map shows you the interesting place we mention which are in a range of one our travelling distance from Amsterdam Central Station
Driving through the beautiful landscape, it brings you to small towns and castles

Castle route south

Driving in the beautiful countryside It takes you to castles and small towns. Since the very beginning of history the charming river The Vecht determines the landscape in this area. You’ll see pasture, heath, fenland marshes and woodlands. In between the cows in the fields, […]
Utrecht is one of the 12 cities wich are to be reached within one hour from Amsterdam. Utrecht is bursting with many terraces, mostly found at the canal belt, but in some streets you'll find a terrace like this


She’s a pearl ! Utrecht’s ancient city features many buildings and structures, several dating as far back as the High Middle Ages. It has been the religious centre of the Netherlands since the 8th century. The Archbishop resides here. Utrecht was the most important city […]
This route leads you through traditional Dutch polder land. Mills, dikes and farm roads with wood quays and reed beds mark the landscape.

Green heart route

The Green Heart (Dutch: Het Groene Hart) is a relatively thinly populated area in the middle of the country. The major Dutch cities lie around it. The green heart is characterized by its rural scenery which contrasts the urban areas around it. Agriculture, nature and […]
You 'll never get bored in Utrecht

Out in Utrecht region

A drwan map of the Utrecht region

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