This map shows you the interesting place we mention which are in a range of one our travelling distance from Amsterdam Central Station
Hoorn is one of the 12 cities wich are to be reached within one hour from Amsterdam. On the picture are traditional ships in the harbor and you can also see the Maintower, a highlight in the harbour


Hoorn is an old Dutch Zuiderzee city. In high season you will find the socalled brown Fleet here. Dutch traditional sailing vessels, (cultural heritage). All those masts bring you back in the 17th century. In 1356 this place was founded. Cityrights resulted into a flourishing textile industry that could measure up […]
Enkhuizen is one of the 12 cities wich are to be reached within one hour from Amsterdam. On the picture a beautiful cityscape from the harbor. You can see traditional ships, houseboats, the citygate and an old drawbridge.


So Enkhuizen is an old Dutch Southern Sea town. Feel like eating a herring? Enkhuizen is the herring city and used to have the largest herring fleet in the country. The Dutch knew exactly how to dissect and preserve herring, so that we could trade […]
You 'll never get bored in Hoorn-Enkhuizen region

Out in Hoorn-Enkhuizen region

A drawn map of the Hoorn and Enkhuizen region

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With good weather a cruise on the open boat of the Water taxi is a great experience. It's lovely to see the city from a different view and meanwhile the skipper tells you all about the city.

Watertaxi Hoorn


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