This map shows you the interesting place we mention which are in a range of one our travelling distance from Amsterdam Central Station

Explore the surroundings of Amsterdam, within one hour.

We introduce 12 Dutch cities to you. These historical cities have a lot of culture to offer, and they are easy to explore by foot.
The coast in the Netherlands is very popular. We’ll introduce the relatively nearby seaside towns to you. Worthwhile to visit all seasons.
We designed four road trips for you. They’re a mixture of nature, countryside, castles and culture. You pass historical Dutch villages for a nice break.


Amsterdam’s spirit stretches far beyond the city limits. Freedom, friendliness and an open mind you’ll meet all through the region. There is a lot to do and see just outside the town.

If you stay a couple of days in our beautiful capital city we recommend you strongly to spend at least one day in the nearby region. Let us give you four reasons to do so.

  1. The nearby historical towns are older (medieval) and each has its own typical Dutch characteristics. Too beautiful to miss out on now you’re here.
  2. The countryside around Amsterdam is unique and nowhere to be found in the world. This fascinating landscape inspired the Dutch master painters in the past so need we say more? The polders, the old farms, castles and historical villages certainly are a must see.
  3. There is the beach just around the corner. Within half an hour traveling you’re there. Enjoy the dunes and the long and wide beaches all through the year for a swim or a stroll. Watch the sunset with a drink or a meal on a nice terrace.
  4. Last but not least. Public transport in the Netherlands and especially in this region is superb. All our daytrip suggestions and locations are within a range of travel distance of upmost one hour.

This site will guide you in finding your way in the area. We’ll introduce you to towns and villages, various sights and the countryside. We’ll give you suggestions on whereabouts and nice things to do. It’s really worthwhile to combine it with your visit to Amsterdam. So enjoy it and if you like you may let us know how you’ve experienced your day out.

Outside Amsterdam Schildpad

Hello. My name is turtle Clyde. I’m at your service as your guide. In this world of speed and stress, I take my time for more! No less. Welcome in the Netherlands! Follow me and let’s shake hands.

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